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The history of the Yahoo empire began very coincidentally. Stanford graduates Jerry Yang and David Filo are key elements of Yahoo's inception. In 1994, Yang began posting random content on the internet along with a list of the sites he followed. Shortly thereafter, he reorganized the site and made a catalog and other sites, named "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web" (a guide to the web world of Jerry and David). . This list has attracted the attention of other users as it provides easy links to other useful and relevant websites.
Just about two months later, the site was renamed Yahoo, an abbreviation for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officially Oracle," which is thought to be an online search engine. That year, the company saw more than one million hits a day, and Yang and Filo saw a unique opportunity, along with the help of Sequoia Capital, Each company invested in such well-known companies as Apple Computer, Atari or Oracle and Cisco Systems, for which the company invested $ 2 million at the time.
Yahoo quickly became one of the most popular sites on the internet. In 1996, Yahoo hired about 50 employees, with the main job being to add other sites to the path. In the same year, the company began publishing its first major operation. This process increased the capital by $ 33.8 million. By 1999, Yang and Filo each had assets of more than $ 8 billion. Yahoo's stock is trading at $ 118.75 per share in early 2000. Yahoo has grown so strong that its competitor AOL has become useless.
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